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Will my essay pass online anti-plagiarism scans?

Definitely. Everything I write is entirely original. You can safely run it through any anti-plagiarism program in existence and it will pick up nothing other than some references listed and/or in-text citations to them (because most of them are published sources), commonly-used phrases, and factual information such as dates of historical events that have been mentioned thousands of times in print and phrased in almost every conceivable way.

How do I get a price quote for my project? Do you give discounts for repeat customers? 

The ordering process is very easy. Just send me a single email with a description of your project in the body of the email. Make sure you tell me the topic and general requirements, including the # of pages (or words) & due date. If you tell me when you'd "prefer" delivery and when you "MUST" have it, I'll give you 2 different prices if possible. There's no discount simply because very few people ever use me just once; most people use me many times for months or even for several years. Frankly, some clients are much easier to work with than others and if we do repeat business, that may, indeed, affect my pricing because easy clients save me time. The best way to establish yourself as an easy client is to just follow the directions on this page for inquiring and ordering instead of ignoring them.

What are your prices?     What is "1 page"?     Are prices negotiable?     When do I pay?     How do I pay? 

Generally, my prices start at $30/pg (USD) for the easiest types of projects (for me, that is) and go up from there for difficulty (again, for me) and for rush due dates. A standard page averages approximately 285 words (300 max), Times New Roman 12 pt font and double spaced. My prices are not negotiable: whatever price I quote is going to be the price if you want the project from me. No pressure to use me and feel free to try me again if you’re not happy with work you find cheaper. Payment is always 100% in full in advance. I don't even put anything on my calendar, let alone start working on it, until it's paid. PayPal is acceptable from most customers whose PayPal ID and email are verified. Western Union and direct bank wire transfer are the only other alternatives. (I reserve the right to refuse any specific payment method for any reason.)

How can I be sure I won't get ripped off? 

You can't ever be sure until you use any writer (or essay company) once. It's always a risk the first time using any service requiring payment up front; but you can reduce your risk by starting with a short project until you know that you can trust me. Scam artists usually have exceptional customer-service skills and will work very hard to gain your trust; I don't and I won't try to convince you to trust me or "work with you" on any other payment terms. That's usually a good sign, because scammers are often more than happy to accept half payment up front (for example).  They're not planning on actually providing the project once they have your money, so they'll gladly accept any amount of money they can convince you to pay them up front. I have used my main AOL email address (to which we will switch once you're a client) since 1999 and I've been verified on PayPal under the same ID since 2000 and have never had a dispute filed against me by a client. 

Do you provide samples of your work or referrals from previous customers?

I won't refuse to send a sample if you just want to see my writing style, but otherwise, it's useless to you because really you have no way to be sure that I really wrote whatever I send you. Any sample I send you will always be on a totally different subject area than your project inquiry and sections and some citations/references will have been deleted so that it can't easily be reused. Most of my clients want to remain anonymous, but I can provide some referrals if you insist; however (again) you have no way of knowing that they're real clients of mine. 

Will I get periodic updates or progress reports?

Generally, no. The way it works is I schedule you for delivery on or before the date promised and you will receive your complete project on or before that date. I often write several projects a day so it's very annoying to have to respond to emails asking "how's it coming along?" days before I'm even up to your project on my schedule (and making me respond just you just to tell you that is another quick way to become a "difficult" customer). Unless we agree on a specific delivery time, you will receive your work by 11:59 PM (NYC time) of the date promised. I have no problem with emails just checking to make sure I have you scheduled a few days before your due date. You can also be sure that if I have any questions, I'll contact you immediately. If we agree that a topic choice (etc.) requires your approval in advance, that's no problem.

Is editing included if I want to make changes after delivery?

If I make a mistake following your original specifications and you notify me within 24 hours of receipt, the fix is free and I will do it ASAP (often the same day). However, if you decide only after the fact that you would like other editorial changes, I will give you a fair price for that additional work, but it is never included in your original price. Basically, I'm responsible for my mistakes and you're responsible for yours, including forgetting to include anything in the specs you provide initially.

Contact: customersupport@nycfreelancewriter.com  

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