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Contact Me Directly
Please contact me at your convenience by e-mailing any questions, concerns, or project specifications and inquiries for an immediate free price quote and payment instructions. If I cannot handle your order, I will let you know immediately so that you do not lose any valuable time. Email: customersupport@nycfreelancewriter.com

Unlike other commercial writing services, when you hire me you always have direct access to the person who is actually working on your project. I do (only) this for a living full time and I do not keep regular business hours or holidays. That means I frequently work through weekends and all holidays (including Christmas and New Year's Day) to complete your project if necessary. Once you are a client, I will provide my direct email and a telephone number where you can reach me personally in an emergency. However, please note that by "emergency," I mean only an email or Internet outage; it does not mean self-created emergencies, such as waiting until the day before your due date to contact me for a price quote. I won't refuse to provide my phone # if prospective clients just need to confirm that I am really located in NYC and/or that I'm not an "ESL" writer, but please understand that all project-specific communications will always be via email so there is always a complete written record for every project that I can search if necessary. Please never use my phone # (or email) just to ask me "how's my project coming along?" and please refer to my FAQs re. "updates" before emailing me the same question.

If I cannot do a particular project, I may be able to arrange for a trusted colleague to assist me, but I remain responsible for that work and for meeting my standards. (Only) if I am unable to provide your project at all, I will refer you to a large commercial site for whose business practices I can vouch personally and I'll assist you to place that order so that it reaches their best writers. There is no charge for this, but kindly note that this does not mean I will provide a referral just to help you shop for a cheaper price than mine for any project for which I quote a price; it means I'll help you find a reliable company for projects that I cannot provide. Unlike projects that I take on which I receive assistance from a colleague, I am not responsible for work you receive directly from any company to which I refer you, instead of taking your order. © 2009 - 2021